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With the participation of the Moscow Kremlin museums and support of the Federal Protective Service the ITL company has worked out a new multimedia interactive product which has no analogues.



How was the product made?

This question is asked by everyone who got familiar with the working 3D models of the valuables from the Diamond Fund.

Here we show you the stages of the work.

The first stage.

At the first stage photos and video of all the items of the famous collection were taken on the premises of the Diamond Fund of Russia.

Each exhibit was removed from under the glass case and placed on a special object table.

Photography was conducted in various lighting, in various modes using different cameras, objectives and filters.

This work took us more than 6 months.

Photography of some of the jewels has been conducted up to now because the process of modeling aroused some questions which neither we nor specialists could foresee.

Here are some photographs demonstrating the first stage of the work.

Работа над продуктом

Работа над продуктом

The second stage.

Studying the photographs, elucidation of geometry of jewels, peculiarities of stone faceting.

The third stage.

The most exact 3D geometric reproduction of the object’s form.

“Geometry” is reproduced with the help of the so called polygons – small triangles which are “glued” around the jewel.

We did our best to reproduce not only geometry of the object, but also fantasticality of the way the unique stones were cut, due to which the amount of polygons becomes enormous.

It is unreal to reproduce them with the help of one picture-screenshot.

But a somewhat simpler version of geometry of the Grand imperial crown is seen in these screenshots.

The forth stage.

Developing the materials of the jewels taking into account their physical and optical properties.

Every stone – be it a sapphire, an emerald, a ruby or a diamond – has its own physical characteristics.

Much depends on the way the stones are cut and fastened, on a substrate of color foil which was often used by jewelers.

The initial programs worked out at the first stage had to be adjusted to every object.

Both the programmers and the Gohkran specialists paid special attention to the luster – a stone’s sparkle, proportional to the degree of light refraction from its surface.

The stone owes its luster to its hardness, purity and quality of polishing.

We thoroughly considered and worked over various kinds of luster:

  • diamond demonstrating itself in the most bright and intensive flashes, reflexes;
  • glass, luster characteristic of rubies, sapphires and to some degree of emeralds;
  • resinous, luster characteristic of amber;
  • wax luster, (e.g. characteristic of turquoise);
  • pearl luster, characterized by smooth play of different colours.

The fifth stage.

The final, most labor-intensive stage:

  • A final acceptance by the experts of the Gokhran of 3D models, check-out of “technical” characteristics of the jewels. As a rule, the objects are again removed from under the glass cases, placed on the object table, while next to them a ready 3D model is reproduced with the help of a notebook;

Работа над продуктом

Работа над продуктом

  • Text are being prepared by the leading experts, poems are being written. All the texts of the product are based on historical facts. There are no guesses, no literary fiction);
  • Choosing music, preparing soundtracks, composing new musical themes for some jewels;
  • Choosing quality copies of portraits of the imperial family and courtiers, processing the reproductions, photographing the models;
  • It is done to demonstrate how this or that jewel was worn or is to be worn;
  • Developing 3D “models-mannequins”. Those pendants and necklaces which can not be “turned” freely will be placed on them;
  • Simultaneously the Product’s interface is being worked out, its assembly is being performed.

Everything is simple and easy. There are no secrets.

Here is a working (contracted) version of the interface.

Unfortunately, the Internet can not reproduce the quality of the pictures.

The soundtrack and the photographs are not quite ready yet, and above all – you will not be free to examine the jewels.

While it is the freedom of handling the jewels, the possibility to inspect them from any angle is the main component of our Product.

However this demo-reel can still give you a general idea how to work with the Product.

All this is done to enable you not only to see the valuables from the Diamond Fund Collection, but to examine every jewel in the most detailed way.
And we will help you to form its artistic image.

Работа над продуктом
A picture of a 3D model of the diadem “A Russian field”.

Работа над продуктом
The diadem worn by a model Anna Tsipulina.

Работа над продуктом
A modern set “Summer” worn by the model Inga Borshch.

Работа над продуктом
The necklace “Jubilee” worn by the model Maria Nikolayeva.

Thus the image of the nugget “Mephisto” will be created.

Работа над продуктом

Работа над продуктом

Работа над продуктом
Model Anna Kuzmina.

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