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With the participation of the Moscow Kremlin museums and support of the Federal Protective Service the ITL company has worked out a new multimedia interactive product which has no analogues.




The demo-reel with some of the 3D models of the valuables from the Diamond Fund is first demonstrated at the Russian National Exhibition in Beijing.


The Gokhran’s working group approves the first 3D models (the scepter, the orb, the brooches “A bouquet of narcissuses”, “A large bouquet”, a decoration “The rose”).


The working group of the company “ITL” began taking pictures of the state regalia. On the first day part of the photos were taken for the Grand imperial crown, the orb and the scepter. As the procedure of removing the valuables from under the glass cases for shooting is very complicated and it is impossible to complete taking photos of state regalia in one day, a schedule for taking further pictures is worked out.

The work to create exact geometry of the Grand imperial crown, the scepter, the orb and the agraffe was begun in early October together with the jewelers and restorers of the Gokhran. The programmers of the company in cooperation with gemmologists began developing programs necessary to reproduce the sparkle and play of cut diamonds taking into consideration the form of faceting and purity of the stones, as well as physical laws of light refraction and dispersion. Simultaneously programs aimed at reproducing texture of other precious stones (rubies, sapphires, emeralds, as well as pearls, amber, enamel) were being worked out.

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Demonstrating the process of making a 3D model of an exhibit

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