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With the participation of the Moscow Kremlin museums and support of the Federal Protective Service the ITL company has worked out a new multimedia interactive product which has no analogues.



A unique interactive software product Treasures of the Russian Diamond Fund will allow you:

  • To have a virtual tour around the halls of the Diamond Fund exhibition which is on constant display in the Moscow Kremlin;
  • To remove from under the armor-plated glass the most valuable exhibits, to turn them freely in front of you, to magnify their images multifold so that you could have a detailed look of the masterpieces of jewelers art, their peculiarities, faceting of the stones;
  • To get comprehensive information about the valuables on display.

You will be able to do what only the Russian regnant sovereigns and two or three experts of the Diamond Fund could do.

You will be able to enjoy not only the look of the masterpieces, but the opportunity to handle them freely.

The product will enable you to form a complete artistic image of unique jewelry, state regalia and even separate precious stones and nuggets.



The interactive multimedia software product The Moscow Kremlin is the first in the series Worlds treasures made by the company ITL.

This is the main product from the series devoted to the Moscow Kremlin as it gives the PC users an opportunity to move freely in three dimensional space and thus form a complete image of the worlds biggest historical and architectural museum complex of the Kremlin and adjoining territory.

In future software products with interiors of the cathedrals, museums and palaces of the Kremlin are planned to be produced (including the exhibition of the Diamond Fund of Russia housed in the Armory), so that the users could tour not only the museums but also the objects which are not open to the general public

  Download the video demonstrating the work of the program

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Demonstrating the process of making a 3D model of an exhibit


The Diamond Fund of Russia is a collection of masterpieces of jewelry of the 18th-20th centuries, rare precious stones, gold and platinum nuggets of great historic, artistic and scientific importance, as well as vast material value.

It is one of the few treasuries in the world that house unique crown jewels.

Being part of the State Fund of Precious Metals and Precious Stones formed by the State Depository of Valuables (Gokhran) of Russia, the collection is on a permanent display at the exhibition of the same name situated on the territory of the Moscow Kremlin.

The Diamond Fund dates back to the time of Peter I


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