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With the participation of the Moscow Kremlin museums and support of the Federal Protective Service the ITL company has worked out a new multimedia interactive product which has no analogues.



The Diamond Fund of Russia is part of the State Fund of Precious Metals and Precious Stones, a permanent exhibition of valuables open to public. The exhibition is housed in the State Armory in the Moscow Kremlin.

Today the Diamond Fund of Russia is one of the worlds most well-known collections of jewelers art and precious stones.


The unique collection includes the state imperial regalia, jewels of the 18th -19th centuries, Russias insignia, historical stones, jewelry by modern craftsmen, diamonds from Russian deposits, rare precious stones and gems, gold and platinum nuggets.

In spite of the great interest of tourists and experts in the collection of the Diamond Fund, its tour and inspection of the valuables is not always possible due to a small capacity of the halls.

Besides all the valuables are placed in the glass cases behind armored glass and their complete detailed inspection is unfortunately impossible.

That is why the ITL company and Russias Gokhran took a decision to create a 3D collection of the Fund.


The aim of the project is to give everyone who is interested an opportunity to visit the exhibition of the Diamond Fund without going away from their computer.

The main requirement to the Product is to give a photographically exact 3D image of the most important exhibits of the collection.


In the summer of 2006 the working group made up of employees of the Diamond Fund, of the ITL company and representatives of the Gokhran began photographing all the valuables of the Fund.

More than one hundred and twenty thousand photos which were taken using various technique, special filters and different lighting became a basis for their 3D copies (3D models) and for initial programs aimed at reproducing all the physical attributes of precious stones and metals.

The product was developed in collaboration with experts of the Gokhran of Russia and the State Hermitage.

As a result the company managed to make exact 3D copies of the valuables from the Diamond Fund in collaboration with experts from the Gokhran, craftsmen and jewelers who restored the rarities and created modern masterpieces, modelers and programmers.

At present the interface of the Product is being assembled, text materials as well as its musical and artistic setting are being prepared.

The full name of the Product is multimedia interactive software product The Treasures of the Diamond Fund of Russia.

The term interactivity means a possibility of direct first-hand interaction between the user and the Product.

Unlike a passive viewer of a feature, documentary or computer film, the user will find himself in an active position.

He will independently determine upon his tour about the halls of the exhibition, decide which glass case or exhibit to examine, which volume of information to get.

Moreover, now everyone who is interested will be able to remove virtually any item from under the armored glass, to turn it freely in front of him, to draw it closer in order to inspect the peculiarities of the items geometry, the faceting of the stones, their fastening in the object, etc.

The Product enables to inspect any exhibit magnified.

The user can even inspect the back side of masterpieces of jewelers art, to see the authors brand, to evaluate the thoroughness of finishing.

Such an opportunity only used to be available to 3 or 4 experts from the Diamond Fund itself.

Furthermore, the product reproduces all the ripple of details fixed flexibly in a jewel, their amplitude, time of vibration, as well as physics of any movement.

Special attention was given to authentic reproduction of diamond sparkle taking into account their purity and cutting

Initial programs to reproduce the luster of precious stones, their physical attributes, the quality of polishing precious metals were specially made

The term multimedia means a simultaneous use of various carriers of information in the product

Thus, besides free inspection of 3D images of objects the user will get truthful information about all the exhibits based on official registration and restoration cards of the objects, their descriptions compiled by the worlds leading experts on the basis of historical documents.

In addition to that examination of every object will be accompanied by fragments from world musical classics or musical themes written specially for the product

The interface also presupposes the demonstration of historical portraits showing the way this or that item was worn by the representatives of the imperial family.

Jewels will also be worn by professional models.

Besides the jewels will be placed on semi-transparent mannequins so that the viewer will not have an impression that a necklace has a rigid construction.

At the same time it will allow to see the back side of the decoration.

The ITL employees not only managed to get a complete real reproduction of luster, sparkle of the stones, peculiarities of light refraction and dispersion depending on the faceting.

When drawing the jewel closer and inspecting it magnified the sparkle will be decreased so that it will be possible to see the peculiar features of faceting diamonds and other precious stones, to make sure of their wonderful natural purity.

The product will enable the user not only to inspect the jewel, but also to create its artistic image.

A simple interface understandable intuitively will allow even a beginning PC user to manage the program.

Even the first set of the product will have a multi-language interface to make its usage comfortable for as many users as possible.

The product will be finished by late October 2007 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the exhibition of the Diamond Fund of Russia.

The product under preparation will continue the series The worlds treasures which has been worked out by the ITL company over the last years.

  Download the video demonstrating the work of the program

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Demonstrating the process of making a 3D model of an exhibit


The Diamond Fund of Russia is a collection of masterpieces of jewelry of the 18th-20th centuries, rare precious stones, gold and platinum nuggets of great historic, artistic and scientific importance, as well as vast material value.

It is one of the few treasuries in the world that house unique crown jewels.

Being part of the State Fund of Precious Metals and Precious Stones formed by the State Depository of Valuables (Gokhran) of Russia, the collection is on a permanent display at the exhibition of the same name situated on the territory of the Moscow Kremlin.

The Diamond Fund dates back to the time of Peter I


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